Wednesday, July 10, 2019

It's Summertime once Again

It's finally a hot summer here in Ojai.  During the summer, I try to work hard making new work in the studio, because it's sort of an in between time; in between travel, and various art shows.  My loft studio really heats up towards the afternoon, and it's tricky using my ceiling fan when I'm using acrylic paint as it dries fast anyway.  I use Holbein acrylic paints, and love the smooth consistency and pure pigment colors.
I am already getting a few pieces finished, as well as ordering new prints and cards.
I'll dedicate a studio day or two packaging my prints with an acid free backing and clear sleeve ready to display.

I am showing my work at Poppies Art and Gifts in Ojai, and next month I'll be moving to a larger space there, so my work can really stretch out and I can show more pieces.
I never like to crowd a display space because that can be overwhelming to the viewer.  I do like to mix sizes. My watercolor+ink work tends to be smaller sized, and my acrylics are generally larger.
Poppies Art and Gifts, 323 E. Matilija St., Ojai, CA.

I am always working at building my body of work.  I have a show in two years at Fox Fine Jewelry in Ventura, CA, and while that sounds far away, I'll need all of that time to make some new pieces to show.  As I am a slow and steady painter, and plan my paintings out carefully, my work takes time and consideration to make. I like working slowly; it's sort of meditative, it gives me time to add or subtract elements, and then move on to the next piece once complete.

Since my trip to France and Holland last year, I have been going back and forth between acrylics and watercolor+ink work.  I have loved returning to watercolor, as it was my focus in college.
Watercolor is the perfect paint to use while on location, traveling or on smaller pieces. It can dry and be revived with water. I use a travel watercolor palette from Winsor and Newton as well as a large palette in the studio.

I enjoyed making some small watercolor+ink paintings on my recent trip to Mexico.  Such fun to come home with some paintings!

New inspirations and recommendations:
Clear gesso from Daniel Smith artist supplies.
Seeing paintings from the later years of Claude Monet in San Francisco makes me want to visit Giverny, but in the meantime, these books; Everyday Monet and This is Monet, are satisfying my need to learn more.
In the back garden: For the first time, I've planted a little raised-bed vegetable garden with 4 kinds of tomatoes and yellow crook-necked squash. Bluebirds nested in a birdhouse on one of our oak trees---twice! Now we have sparrows nesting for the third time in a birdhouse my brother gave me many years ago, that he built.
Looking forward to the new season of Queer Eye. If you haven't watched this show, do give it a watch.  In these times of seperateness and dismay, here is a show where 5 guys display kindness and help to all sorts of people who need it.  Not just a makeover show, it's a kindness show

Paintings shown:  "Matilija Poppies", watercolor+ink, SOLD.
and "A Lotus in the Garden", watercolor+ink, available at Lotusland, Santa Barbara, CA
Limited edition prints and cards may be available of these copyrighted images.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Open Studio Event is Next Weekend!!

It's true; time really does just fly on by!  It's nearly time for my annual Open Studio, when I invite visitors to see my loft studio and my latest work, and talk to me about what I do. 

I will be showing my new watercolor+ink work, and they are small paintings from 4x4-5x7.  Affordable and they will fit nicely into a space in your home.  This photo  shows "The Lotus", which is destined for a garden shop, along with 3 other Lotus paintings, but I've decided to make them available to visitors to my studio next weekend.  
My Open Studio is October 13+14, from 10-5 each day. The studio is located at 1134 S. Rice Rd., Ojai, CA. Look for the red balloons and signs. My event is the same weekend as the big Ojai Studio Artist's tour, and that requires a ticket.  My event is free admission, with original acrylic paintings, watercolor+ink paintings, fine art prints and cards available for purchase. 

I spent two and a half weeks working on a mural at a private home in Ojai. It was fun and intense too.  I had to do some research on the technical aspects of what paint products to use to extend the life of the mural.  The homeowners were happy with the result, and I'm proud of it. The subject was mountains and Matilija poppies, a plant native to Ojai, and quite beloved here. 
My subject matter is: plants and birds, flowers and insects.  This hummingbird and bees mixed media piece includes forget-me-nots.
I'll be busy getting ready for my Open Studio all next week, and then relax and enjoy my visitors on Saturday and Sunday, October 13+14.  Making art is sometimes a solitary activity, so I enjoy talking about my work to You.

In November, I will offer my watercolor+ink work on my etsy shop, and I'll tell you more about that in early November.
Thanks for visiting my blog!
Lisa Skyheart Marshall

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Busy Summer in the Studio and Looking forward to my Open Studio!

Well, fun with computers, no idea how that enormous photo of me appeared here, but there I am, in my element, with my little Winsor and Newton watercolor set and a lotus study.
Anyway....I've had a busy Summer:

Continuing with what I started on my trip to France last May, I'm enjoying making small-sized paintings with watercolor and adding ink detail. The image, above, is from a 5x7 painting I made recently. In the background you can see the papyrus that grows near the water garden.

Once a painting is complete, it is wired to hang, without needing a frame. A clean, contemporary look. Of course, you can always take these to your framer to add a frame, if you prefer that option. I highly recommend Ventura Picture Framing. The owner, Bill, does such a great job and is very helpful. 3954 E. Main, Ventura, CA

I plan to continue with these popular small sized watercolors, as well as my acrylic paintings, all with the botanical/birds/insects theme.

Some of my Lotus paintings are available in the Garden Shop at Lotus Land.  Ganna Walska Lotus Land, Montecito, CA,  is a beautiful  place to visit, and I've spent a good amount of time there making studies for larger acrylic work, and relaxing my mind.  Lately, I've been starting small paintings there in watercolor, then  finish the piece in my studio. Lotus Land is very popular and requires a reservation to visit: (805)969-9990 for reservations

My exhibit at Café Zack in Ventura, CA, will be wrapping up the end of August.  It's been lovely to show my work there; last night my husband Mike and I went for dinner.  We enjoyed our delicious food and talking to the charming owner, Hector.  We even had dessert! There is still time to go in and have a meal, while looking at my paintings on display there. Through August 2018, at 1095 E. Thompson, Ventura, CA.

I'll be leaving Grass Roots Gallery in Ojai at the end of August as well. I appreciate all the customers who purchased items from me at Grass Roots.  I wish that gallery success in the future.  It's got a nice open and airy feel to it, a calm place on Matilija Street. I loved showing at a small gallery in my home town but, as a working artist, I have to find the best places to show my work, and those places have to be especially suited to what I do.  So I'll be moving on to other places and methods of marketing my work. Through August: 323 E. Matilija St., Ojai.

In October, I will be welcoming visitors to my Open Studio! Available will be original paintings, fine art-limited edition prints, and cards.  Light refreshment will be provided, and the air conditioning will be cooling you as you peruse my work.  You will see the loft studio where I work, and meet my lovely daughter, who will be assisting me during this Open Studio event, as she did last year, when I participated in the Ojai Art Detour, which is taking a break this year. See you in October! 
Open Studio: October 13 and 14, 2018, Saturday and Sunday, 10-5 each day.  1134 S. Rice Rd., Ojai, CA. Plenty of parking on the street. Look for the big blue house and rock wall. Follow the signs to my studio
                                     From the Sunflower Field, 5x7, watercolor+ink and acrylic.

Friday, June 29, 2018

New Blog and Exhibit news

Hi! I finally got around to starting a blog!  
 It's been a busy last few months, along with natural disasters, the holidays, and happier things, like my travels.  Here's what I've been up to lately:

At the end of April I went on an adventure to Holland and France.  I have friends in Holland who toured me around and planned my trip according to what I love: Art Museums and Gardens!  For example, we went to the Van Gogh Museum, and the Hortus Bulborum tulip garden. Everything was thoughtfully planned, and because they are such calm, kind and fun friends, we three had a great time together.(My cute husband stayed at home this time, even though he loves to travel too!)

Finally I left Holland and my friends behind and arrived in Marseille, France.  I met up with other artists as part of  Workshops in France. We all stayed in the countryside in Provence and had a wonderful time going out every day to paint together.  The painting above is "The Yellow Hotel, Cucuron". It was painted on site in this charming town and finished back at the chateau where we stayed. 

This was not an instructed workshop; we all brought the medium we wanted to work in and were taken out to paint/eat/shop each day as planned by our intrepid leader and her able helpers.
This is a small painting, 4x4, watercolor and ink, done by me at the chateau in France. I had such a good time making these watercolor and ink paintings that I'm continuing to make them at home in my studio.  I will get back to my larger acrylics but for now, these are my summertime focus. These paintings will be available soon.

News: My acrylic paintings of plants and flowers, birds and insects are on display and for sale all Summer at  Café Zack in Ventura, California.  Hope you can stop by, have some delicious food and see my work! 1095 E. Thompson Blvd. 

This painting can be seen, or even added to your home collection, at Café Zack. These are Matilija Poppies, which grow all around the Ojai Valley. Such a pretty papery flower. Bees love them.

In Ojai, my work can be seen at GrassRoots Gallery, 323 E. Matilija Street.

Thanks for reading my blog and seeing some of my latest work. Check out my website,

Bye for now,
Lisa Skyheart Marshall